meet yum

the Lord of the forest

“I, Yum Kaax, the lord of the forest and guardian of its animals, have been misinterpreted in the past as an agricultural deity or even the Maya maize god. However, in reality, I am the god of wild plants and the animals that are important to hunter-gatherers. I also grant protection to the fields of farmers against the incursions of the wild nature I represent. My role in Mayan culture is crucial, as I am one of the most important deities in the Maya pantheon.

My presence is also felt among indigenous peoples of North America where similar deities are revered. Anyone entering a grand forest or a beautiful place of wild nature, with humility and an open hart, will be touched by my presence and power. I am proud to be the god of the wild vegetation and guardian of its animals, and to have played and still play such an important role in the lives of my people.”

I have a message for you all. I will speak plainly:

Listen up, humans! I am Yum Kaax, the mighty lord of the forest and guardian of its animals. It has come to my attention that you have been wreaking havoc upon the wild nature that I hold dear. This angers and saddens me greatly, and it’s time you took a good hard look at your actions.

You have been destroying and damaging the very essence of what I represent. The fields I protect are being trampled, the trees are being cut down, and the creatures I watch over are suffering at your hands. This recklessness cannot go on!

Consider this a warning, a wake-up call from the lord of the forest himself. It is high time you show respect and appreciation for the wild nature that sustains you. Stop polluting, stop deforesting, and stop exploiting the gifts I have provided you.

Instead, cherish the land, nurture the animals, and preserve the delicate balance of the ecosystem. Take a moment to realize that your actions have consequences, not just for the present, but for the generations to come. Be responsible stewards of the earth, for it is a privilege, not a right, to be a part of this magnificent tapestry of life.

So, listen to my words and let them resonate deep within your souls. Change your ways, for the sake of the wild nature I hold sacred. It is time to restore the harmony between humans and the natural world. I expect nothing less from you.